Outside the Patch


      Velvet Acorns, Decorative Mushrooms, Velvet Flowers, Hearts & Pears and More

      At Plush Pumpkin we might be known for our velvet pumpkins, but we've let our creativity run wild and have gone beyond the patch. Our Outside the Patch collection features velvet acorns, velvet flower buds, velvet hearts, velvet mushrooms, spring nests with velvet eggs, velvet pears and even velvet chili peppers. If you are looking for a new piece for your Thanksgiving table decor, autumn decor or fall decor, take a look at our velvet acorns. These decorative acorns are handmade with real tree caps.

      For spring table decorations and spring decor, browse our faux bird nests with velvet eggs and spring baskets. These handcrafted pieces make wonderful spring centerpieces, Easter decorations and Easter table decorations. Plush Pumpkin also makes velvet hearts and velvet flowers. Our decorative velvet hearts will add fun to your Valentine's Day decor. These velvet hearts and flower buds make lovely Valentine's Day gifts. We also carry velvet mushrooms, decorative mushrooms, mushroom decor, leather mushrooms and leather truffles. If you are looking for unique fruit decor or vegetable decor, we have decorative pears and chili peppers.

      We hope you love our velvet acorns, velvet flowers and velvet mushrooms decorations. If you have any questions about vegetable decor, fruit decor, Easter table decorations, spring decor, spring centerpiece or Valentine’s Day decor feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.