If you don’t keep your items out year round, we recommend storing them in a closed container in a cool dry place.  It is also important not to pile the pumpkins on top of each other to protect the silk velvet.

Our velvet home accessories and other products are filled with recycled plastic. We have partnered with a local company that recycles large bales of plastic film material.  The material is recycled into a small dense pellet to meet our specifications on look, feel and weight, which gives our products a "plush" feel that is both heavy and soft to the touch.

No, in the beginning of Plush Pumpkin we used rice to fill our products.  As our company started to grow we experimented with many other options but found that the recycled plastic will not break down over time, its allergy free, eco friendly and will not attract pests

All of our solid velvet pumpkins have a Pp embossed on the bottom.  If you want to know for sure, you can always email us a photo and let us know where your product was purchased and we would be happy to confirm if you have a Plush Pumpkin.

We have found that our products stand the test of time. In the unlikely event that you feel your product isn’t looking it’s best please email us with a photo and we will get back to you about how we can fix or replace your item. 

Every once in a while we hear from a customer who’s pet or child damaged their product.  We know how upsetting that can be and we will do our best to help repair or replace the item at a reduced cost if possible.  We handle these situations on a case to case basis via email.