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the Original Plush Pumpkin™

Just like real pumpkins, these beautiful handmade fabric pumpkins from Plush Pumpkin are unique by virtue of their real pumpkin stems. Our pumpkins are covered in silk velvet, metallic linen, or Italian lambskin and filled with soft and plush recycled plastic pellets. Add beauty to your home with a handcrafted décor piece that is designed to look organic, is made in America, and offers a wide selection of colors and styles to match with any home décor style.

Real Pumpkin Stems

All of our plush handmade fabric pumpkins are meticulously handcrafted and one of a kind. We guarantee that every pumpkin is created with a real pumpkin or gourd stem and is made of the highest quality silk velvet, metallic linen, or Italian lambskin.


Over the years, Plush Pumpkin has expanded our collection line to include plush handmade seasonal decorations. We created plush hearts, spring sets, flowers, acorns, and more! Shop online today.



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