Desert Trio
Desert Trio
Desert Trio

Desert Trio

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Don’t let the name Desert fool you. This trio of pumpkin-shaped neutral colored pillows is sure to quench your thirst for the unique. It’s down to earth tones of sand and gold combined with an unexpected metallic linen make this neutral house décor set outstanding.

Our small trio of neutral colored pumpkins includes one 3 inch Stone velvet, one 4 inch Sand Chevron metallic linen and one 5 inch Putty velvet pumpkin.

Our medium trio includes one 4 inch Stone velvet, one 5 inch Sand Chevron metallic linen and one 6 inch Putty velvet pumpkin.

Our large trio includes one 5 inch Stone velvet, one 6 inch Sand Chevron metallic linen and one 8 inch Putty velvet pumpkin.

Every original Plush Pumpkin product in this neutral home décor set is meticulously hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, designed to add the perfect accessory to your home. We use real pumpkin, gourd and squash stems, harvested by hand from local farms.  

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