Black and White Deluxe
Black and White Deluxe

Black and White Deluxe
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Well, It’s not always black and white…..sometimes it’s gray. With this ultra-modern Black and White pumpkin decoration assortment you can have it all.


Our deluxe set includes one 4 inch Snow, one 4 inch Platinum, one 5 inch Noir, one 6 inch White Dot Kevin O’Brien Collection, one 6 inch Noir, one 6"Platinum and one 8 inch Snow velvet pumpkin with a one of our acorns of unusual size in White Dot Kevin O'Brien Collection velvet. 

Every original Plush Pumpkin product is meticulously hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, designed to add the perfect accessory to your home. We use real pumpkin, gourd and squash stems, harvested by hand from local farms.  




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